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Keep your truck clean and shiney with our professional truck detailing services in NYC

Truck Detailing

Trucks can get a lot of daily abuse, whether they are used personally for home projects or commerically for your business. They can be used by employees who don't care about the truck as much as the business owner does and consequently, they can become trashed. Not to worry as Stuey's is here to save the day. We are a mobile detail service so we can do the work right in your company's parking lot. Whether it is interior detailing, hazy headlights, or a dull finish, we have the solutino for you!

Our service is completely mobile so you don't have to spend hours out of your day to bring your vehicle to a shop. We come right to your door, whether it be your personal driveway or your work parking lot. Don't leave the comfort of your couch or desk and let us do the work and bring your car to the next level!

Interior Auto Detailing

Our interior auto detailing service beats our competitors' options in that all the products we use are non-toxic and certifed by the US EPA as part of their "Safer Choice" program. We also use professional upholstery cleaning machines to lift up and stains and dirt. Our car seat cleaning is next level, bringing up layers and layers of dirt that have gathered from daily wear and tear. Our process mimic those of upholstery cleaning professionals so you can be assured you are getting top of the line service. For leather seats, we both cleanse and condition the seats to ensure the longevity of the leather. We clean all parts of the car, including plastics, seats, carpets, mats, trunk, and headliner!

Car Deep Cleaning

With our professional upholstery cleaning machines and industrial non-toxic products, we can bring up any stubborn stains from yoru carpet or seats. Most of us use our cars to transport our family and friends and sometimes accidents happen. Spilt milk, food stains, soda stains, and just regular dirt from wear and tear are common to see in cars. In just one session, we can remove all these tains and bring your car seats back to like new fashion! You will be amazed at how much dirt will be removed from your car! For those with dirty headliners, we can also tackle those stains without damaging the backing glue, ensuring that your headliner does not sag after the cleaning.

Car and Auto Spa

We cut no corners when exterior and interior auto detailing your vehicle. For exterior detailing, we use industry standard processes and products (compound, polish, wax) to bring out the best shine from your car's paint. We use both hand and electric polishers to buff the surface of your car to remove scratches and also apply wax to enhance the protect your car's finish. For those of us with foggy and dirty headlights, we also offer headlight renewal services that will bring your brown headlights to crystal clear. We also protect them after the cleaning so they will near fog again!

Full Service Car Wash

When we come to your location to perform mobile auto detailing services, we have all the tools to perform a full service car wash. No need to spend precious hours during your day when you can have professionals come to your doorstep and offer you superior results. We will clean and shine every nook and cranny of your car's exterior and vacuum and professionally clean the interior so you walk into nearly a brand new car after our work is done!

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