Car polishing and waxing is an intricate process that requires knowledge, expertise, and experience to be done correctly. If incorrectly performed, and steps missing, your car's paint could end up with more scratches and burnt paint, which would cost thousands to fix and a huge headache. Trust us with your mobile auot detailing needs and feel assured that our professionals have been properly trained and have experience to correctly and safely polish and wax your car's finish.

Washing the Car

Before any polishing can be done, the car needs to be properly washed. Not all washing is the same! When you go to your standard $7 car wash, the jets and scrubbers leave your car with thousands of tiny scratches to the clear coat. When we wash your car, we do it gently using specific microfiber scrubbers to gently clean your car's exterior without causing any damage.

Claybar Comes First

Claybar is a process of removing any dirt, microstones, and other abrasions that have embedded themselves in the paint of your car. After the car has been washed, run your fingers over the paint and you will feel small little bumps here and there. It is important to remove these before buffing because if they are not removed, the buffing process will gather up these adhesions and scratch them all over the surface of our car causing thousnds of swirls in your paint. The claybar process uses clay to gather up these adhesions to ensure your car's paint is completely smooth before polishing. We don't cut corners so we always compound!

Polishing the Finish by Hand or Buffer (Paint Correction)

After compounding, we polish (and maybe compound if particularly damaged) the exterior finish of your car and make any paint corrections. We can apply a hand polish or a buffer polish. The buffer will provide a better finish and shine. We use special pads and liquid polishes to buff the surface of your car. This smoothes out the paint, removes scratches and makes the finish have a mirror shine.

Waxing the Finish

After polishing, its time to wax the car. This step is incredibly important as now that the paint is smooth and polished, its time to protect it and bring out an amazing shine. Waxing is important as it creates another layer on top of the paint of your car. This will act as a protective barrier, so when driving down the road, micro-debris will damage only the wax, and not the paint of your car. This is how to ensure the longevity of the finish of your car!

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