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When you go to a spa, you expect the top treatment. Foot and back massage, steam bath, sauna, and more. When you hire us for car and auto spa for your vehicle, your prized auto vehicle will drive away feeling clean, shiny, and totally refreshed! Here are some services we offer in our car and auto spa service line:

Mobile Auto Detailing

Don't leave the comfort of your couch! We offer full mobile auto detailing services which come right to your doorstep. Don't worry about whether the quality will be less. We use top of the line products and equipment to achieve incredible results. Whether you are looking for a simple hand car wash or a polish and wax, we have all the tools and expertise to get the job done right!

Car Seat Cleaning and Shampoo

If you have a car, most likely you spend a lot of time in it, moving the kids around, shopping or having fun on the weekends. But becaue of its use, it gets dirty. Whether you have fabric or leather seats, we have the tools, products, and knowledge to bring your car's interior to the next level. We use professional upholstery cleaning machines to life any stains or dirt from your fabric seats, carpet, or headliner. For leather, we use the finest cleaners and horsehair brushes to gently agitate and clean the leather, removing years of dirt and oils. You can count on us to bring you a fantastic finished product!

Car Seat Polish and Wax

In order to maintain the finish of your car and protect it from the elements, its important to periodically polish and wax your car. Polishing and compounding provides paint correction, meaining all those little scratches and swirls from the local full service car wash are removed with a buffer or by hand. Then we wax the car the carnuba wax to protect the paint and bring out the shine. This wax acts as a protective layer over your car's finish so that no further damage happens to your vehicle's clear coat.

Interior Auto Detailing

Our cars are like our second homes. Most of us spends hours in our vehicle every week, and it often involves eating and drinking. We mare also bringing around our friends and children who eat snacks and have dirty fingers. Over time, the interior begins to look dingy. Hire us to bring new life to your car's interior. We use professional upholstery cleaning machines to lift any compacted dirt, grime and stains. We also only use non-toxic EPA certified products so you can rest assured that your car will not have any harmful chemicals or fumes after the cleaning, being safe for you, your children, your pets, and your family!

Full Service Car Wash

Periodically its important to give your car a full cleaning, from outside to the inside. At Stuey's, we have several layers of cleaning. If you are looking for a polish and wax, we prep the car with a cleanser that will take off all oils and waxes, leaving a very clean finish to begin working on. If you are looking to maintain your wax and get a solid clean, we offer those more basic services as well. For the interior, if you are looking for a complete interior detail, we steam clean the seats using professional upholstery cleaning machines and chemicals. If you are looking for just a basic clean, we can brush and vacuum the interior to bring it back up to par. The choice is yours and we will do it for you!

Headlight Renewal

Over time, road debris and UV exposure fog your headlights to the point where they are both ugly and ineffective. Micro-debris from the road, over years of driving, slowly etch and degrade the plastic on your headlights, making them foggy. In addition, UV exposure browns the headlight making it hard for light to pass through it. The end result of this abuse is an ugly headlight which is both ineffective and reduces the overal appearance of your car. Not to worry! We offer headlight renewal services which will remove all scratches and abrasions from your headlight and also remove any browning, bringing it back to its original clear state! In addition, we will apply it with UV blocking and scratching protectants so you will not have to worry about browning or hazy headlights again!

Call Stuey's today to learn how we exceed our competitors in all ways. Using only the top of the line products, professional equipment, and above all attention to detail, we rise to the top of mobile auto detailers in NYC!

We provide a variety of services...

  • Mobile Car Wash
  • Hand Wash Car Wash
  • Car Carpet Cleaning
  • Car Steam Cleaning
  • In and Out Car Wash
  • Interior Car Wash
  • Car Wash Service
  • Automotive Detailing
  • Professional Car Cleaning
  • Detailing Car Cleaning

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