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debra Garrett Bryant
Every part of my experience with Stuart and his team was seamless. I was fortunate enough he was able to accommodate me same day. His team member showed up on time and was very polite and professional. He also checked in with me throughout the process to update me on where he was at in the process. More importantly he did a great job! He even got out a candle wax spill that had been on the couch for longer than I would like to admit. Nice people, professional, and reasonably priced. Already planning on hiring them again soon to do our rugs and upholstered bed!
debra Steffi Min
I highly recommend PristineGreen cleaning. After two cleaning attempts by another service, one on-site steam cleaning and then another off-site 'industrial' dry cleaning, the sofa still had visible stains. I was met with excuses and long stories till I decided to call for another service. Stuart was very straight forward and honest over the phone. He focused on all the discolored dark spots, an issue the other service said it was impossible to remove without damaging the fabric. In an industry where the fee of service reflects the quality, this was the opposite case where Stuart's service was the lowest fee with the highest results.!
debra Emily Wolff
Great experience! Highly recommend. Couch, carpet, mattress and upholstered chair all look immaculate. Will definitely use again - Thank you!!


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One of the best ways to maintain a clean and beautiful interior in your car is to invest in a complete interior car detailing kit. There are many different options available, but one of the most cost-effective is the Turtle Wax Ride & Shine Complete Car Detailing Kit. This kit is extremely affordable and can be scheduled at any time. A professional detailing company will be able to provide your car with a spotless interior in as little as one day. Stuey’s Green Auto Clean provides a fast and reliable car wash and complete interior car detailing. Contact our Queens, NY location, to learn more. We serve Ocean Hill, Cypress Hills, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and close-by areas. #carwashinsideoutnearme #deepcleanyourcar #completeinteriorcardetailing

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To deep clean your car, you'll have to remove everything from the inside, including the seats and floorboards. You may also want to vacuum out the interior to remove any loose crumbs. Finally, it's time to remove any trash or ash that's accumulated on the floorboards. Before you start cleaning, be sure to test the air freshener before leaving it in the car. Using the right products can help you deep clean your car without spending a lot of money. If this is too much work then leave it to Stuey's Green Auto Cleaning which offers complete interior car detailing service in Ocean Hill, Fresh Pond, New Lots, as well as other nearby areas. #carwashinsideoutnearme #deepcleanyourcar #completeinteriorcardetailing

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A car steam cleaning process is a great way to deep clean your vehicle, but there are some things to remember when performing the procedure. First, avoid using too much water or steam, because this can cause damage to the headliner. Water can also soften the adhesive that holds the headliner to the roof of your car. Ultimately, you'll need to replace your headliner. If this is the case, you can hire a professional auto cleaning service. Stueys Auto Cleaning provides a fast and reliable carpet cleaning service. Contact our New York location, to learn more. We serve Financial District, Seaport, Two Bridges, and neighboring locations. #interiorcarwash #professionalcardetailing #carsteamcleaning

car interior cleaning

Professional car detailing companies often use an ozone machine for smoke odor removal. The ozone machine breaks down air molecules and creates an ozone byproduct. Unlike normal air fresheners, ozone does not cause any damage to the car and is an excellent odor removal solution. The ozone generator works by circulating ozone around the car to destroy smoke particles. Ozone is produced naturally when the sun's ultraviolet rays break down oxygen into two atoms. #carodorremoval #cardetailingodorremoval #badcarodorremoval

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Whether you live in New York City or are planning to visit one in the future, there are a number of detailed shops near you. These professionals offer an array of services, including interior and exterior detailing. All of their technicians use all-natural and water-soluble cleaning products, and they can even perform paint correction and ceramic coating applications. K Wallace Signature Detail also offers luxury hand car washing. This location is located inside the Westchester shopping mall. #carsteamcleaning #interiorcarwashnearme #professionalcardetailing

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There are a variety of methods for car detailing smoke odor removal. While many of these methods may mask the smell, they won't completely remove it. A professional detailing service can use an ozone machine, which attacks smells on a molecular level. These machines turn oxygen into an o-zone, circulating throughout the car to remove embedded smoke particles. As the ozone reacts with the embedded smoke particles, it destroys them. The process is similar to airing a smokey shirt outside.

car interior cleaning

There are a number of benefits to deep cleaning your car. This procedure does not require the use of industrial products or hardcore processes. You can purchase cleaning products for deep cleaning at stores like Auto Finesse. Here are a few steps to take when deep cleaning your car. Before you begin, check the car's paintwork and interior to determine whether any of the parts should be removed. If they do, remove the front seats and mats.


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If you want your carpet to be as clean as possible, you should hire the services of a professional New York carpet cleaning company. These companies specialize in deep cleaning rugs and carpets and offer services to both residential and commercial customers.PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning NYC have been successfully deep cleaning rugs and supplying homeowners with a clean home for years. Our highly trained and professional staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning in NYC. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We served Stuytown, Union Square, Peter Cooper Village, and beyond! #NYcarpetcleaning #OrientalRugCleaning #Carpetcleaningservice

There are many things you should know about Oriental Rug Cleaning. The process is generally quite delicate, and a lot of money can be wasted if you don't get them cleaned properly. However, there are certain things you can do to keep your rugs in the best possible condition. In addition to the proper care, it's also important to use the right equipment to clean your rugs. If you are not comfortable that you are not doing the right cleaning process in your Oriental rug, well PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning got your back. We offer affordable Ny Carpet Cleaning Services that are fast and reliable. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Ukrainian Village, Greenwich Village, Hudson Square, and beyond! #OrientalRugCleaning #NYcarpetcleaning #Carpetcleaningservice

In NYC, area rugs can be an expensive and delicate investment. In order to make them look their best, they must be cleaned by an expert. An area rug cleaning technician in NYC is trained to clean rugs that have seen better days. They will carefully analyze your rugs and look for problems, such as pet messes or stains. The process they use will remove stains and dirt while preserving the fiber colors. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning offer providers have the necessary equipment and knowledge to properly clean a variety of woven and synthetic rugs. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Flatiron District, Gramercy Park, Alphabet City, and beyond! #ArearugcleaningNYC #NYcarpetcleaning #Carpetcleaningservice

There are different ways they do Area rug cleaning in NYC. Many people choose to use steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or a combination of the two. However, the best way to clean a carpet effectively is with a combination of both methods. Whether you're looking to get rid of stains on your carpet or simply want a fluffier floor, NY carpet cleaning companies like PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning can provide the professional services you need. We offer a variety of carpet cleaning services that you can choose from. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Union Square, Noho, East Village, and beyond! #ArearugcleaningNYC #NYcarpetcleaning #Carpetcleaningservice

NY carpet cleaning services are a great way to maintain the cleanliness of your rugs and carpets. The dirt and allergens found in your home can make it difficult to breathe and cause respiratory problems. These particles can be harmful to you and your family, so it's important to have your rug cleaned professionally. This is especially true if you have pets or young children. If you have older children or are concerned about their health, you should consider hiring a carpet cleaning company in NYC like PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning which offers rug cleaning, couch cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Hudson Yard, Bowery, Alphabet City, and beyond! #RugCleaning #NYcarpetcleaning #Carpetcleaningservice #nycleaning

If you need your area rug cleaned, you need a company with experience and a stellar reputation. There are many options available, but choosing a company with a solid reputation will help you get the best results. Whether you have a small woven rug or a large handmade oriental rug, a rug cleaner in NYC can help you get the job done right. In addition to expert cleaning, these companies are experienced with fine fabric upholstery as well. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning is a NY carpet cleaning company that provides a variety of carpet cleaning services that you can choose from. We do couch cleaning, area rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and more. Contact our Gramercy, Manhattan location to learn more. We serve Flatiron District, Meat Packing District, Nomad, and beyond! #RugCleaningNYC #NYcarpetcleaning #Carpetcleaningservice #nyccleaning #cleaningnyc

If you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaning service, you can always use a carpet cleaning company in NYC. These companies specialize in different cleaning methods and can make your carpet look new. One of the main benefits of using a professional is that you will have peace of mind that the work is done correctly. Many companies in the area will do their best to provide excellent service at an affordable price. If you are having problems with your carpet, you can always contact a professional. You can just search for NY carpet cleaning on Google and the list of companies and carpet cleaning services will pop up. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company in New York that has a 5-star rating review. We offer carpet cleaning services like Oriental rug cleaning and area rug cleaning. Our professional area rug cleaners specialize in eco-friendly cleaning methods to make sure your carpet will not be harmed during the cleaning process. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Civic Center, Diamond District, Seaport, and beyond! #Nycarpetcleaning #Arearugcleaner #CarpetCleaningService

A reliable carpet cleaning company will make your home look new again. Not only will it make your family feel more comfortable and welcome, but it will also ensure the integrity of your carpet. The added benefit is that it will increase the resale or rental value of your home if you rent or sell furnished. NYC carpet cleaning services and rug cleaning NYC are available to help you achieve these benefits and more. If you're tired of cleaning your home yourself, hire a professional carpet cleaning company that uses advanced carpet cleaning methods to take care of your carpets, area rugs, and oriental rugs and make your home look great. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of carpet services that you can choose from. We do residential and office carpet cleaning. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We served Tribeca, Two Bridges, Chelsea, and beyond! #NYCCarpetCleaning #rugcleanerNYC #advancedcarpetcleaning #officecarpetcleaning #carpetservice

A professional upholstery cleaning company will have specialized equipment for cleaning your furniture. The upholstery is cleaned with a sanitizing solution to eliminate allergens and bacteria. These services also sanitize commercial fabrics. You can choose the cleaning method according to the fabric type. In addition to the sanitizing benefits, upholstery cleaning companies are also able to remove allergens and other contaminants from your furniture. In addition to providing a cleaner look and feel to your furnishings, Pristine Green Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning can help protect your investment and can assure you that your furniture is in good hands. Contact our Gramercy Manhattan location to learn more. We serve Bowery, Noho, Greenwich Village, and beyond! #companiesthatcleanupholstery #bestsofacleaner #velvetsofacleaner #samedaycouchcleaning #steamcleansofaservice #nyccleaning #cleaningnyc

You've probably noticed that your sofa is looking a little dull lately. Instead of trying to make the stains disappear with regular scrubbing with dish soap, you should consider hiring professional leather sofa cleaners near you. These professionals know exactly how to get the best results while preserving the quality of your leather furnishings. While you may be tempted to do the cleaning yourself, the truth is that most stains are just dirt that has set in over time and requires special professional attention. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning will be able to provide all the services you need. From carpet cleaning to oriental rug cleaning, stain removal, pet odor removal, commercial cleaning, and more. Contact our Gramercy Manhattan location to learn more. We serve Bowery, Noho, Greenwich Village, and beyond! #professionalleathersofacleanersnearme #steamcleanfurniturenearme #deepcleancouchcleaner #sofacleaningathome #steamcleancouchservice #nyccleaning #cleaningnyc #couchcleaning

Hiring a chair cleaning service keeps your furniture from looking dirty and grimy. The cleaning process for leather chairs ensures that they look new for a very long time. Professional cleaners can do a thorough job on your leather chairs by using special tools and equipment that keep the leather clean without damaging it. Cleaning services work all around the clock and since most cleaners have a flexible schedule, you're covered for all throughout the day. If you're looking for a clean, comfortable, and stylish chair cleaning, it's time to hire a professional leather upholstery cleaner near you. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning offers professional leather chair cleaning. Contact our Gramercy Manhattan location to learn more. We serve Alphabet City, Korea Town, Chelsea, and beyond! #ChairCleaningService #BestPortableUpholsteryCleaner #ProfessionalCouchCleaningNearMe #LeatherUpholsteryCleaner #SteamingaCouch #cleaningcarpetnyc #cleaningManhattan #ecofriendlycleaning #cleaningnyc

So what is the best pet urine cleaner for pet urine on the couch? If your dog or cat happens to urinate on your precious furniture, you are probably very upset with them, and would really like them to stop making accidents on your pieces You might even be thinking of getting some new furniture, but I don't think that's a good idea. Instead, I want you to learn to use the best pet stain remover service for your pet urine on the couch. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning use only products that has been Certified by the US-EPA as Safer Choice. They are the cleanest and most non-toxic product in the Industry. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Stuytown, Peter Cooper Village, Rose Hill, and beyond! #peturinecleaner #dogpeeon couch #petstainremover #bestcouchcleanerforpeturine #dogurinesmell #cleaningnontoxic #cleaningnyc #cleaningmanhattan #cleaningtimesquare

Homeowners and interior decorators often overlook area rugs in the house as an important part of flooring and interior design, but these versatile home flooring items can be ruined by dirt, molds, and mildew. Rug cleaning services are often recommended for these carpets to prevent these problems from getting worse. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to identify the type of carpet fibers, like nylon or silk, that are affected by dust and allow you to select the best rug cleaning methods to solve your problem. Carpet restoration services can be done by a professional carpet steam cleaner that uses carpet shampoo. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning offers quality area rug cleaning. Contact our Gramercy location to learn more. We serve Peter Copper Village, Union Square, Stuy town and beyond⠀ #AreaRugCleaning⠀ #CarpetCare⠀ #BestRugCleaner⠀ #DryCleanCarpetCleaner⠀ #CarpetRestoration


If you are wondering how to deep clean fabric, a professional service technician can provide the cleaning expertise required for restoring your old favorite sofa to its like-new condition. Professional cleaning services can help you restore your old favorite sofa to its original look after it has been through professional dry cleaning and steam cleaning. In case you are wondering what you should do to ensure your mattress steam cleaners and deep clean fabric couch cushions are safe, you need to ensure that your cleaner follows safe home cleaning procedures. A professional carpet cleaning company will make sure that the home cleaning procedure is safe, and your furnishings are restored to their like-new condition. That is why PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning can help you restore your old favorite sofa to its like-new condition. Contact our Gramercy Manhattan location to learn more. We serve Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, Park Slope, and beyond! ⠀ #SofaCleaningCost⠀ #DryCleanSofaCushions⠀ #CleaningLinenUpholstery⠀ #ScotchgardSofaCleaner⠀ #DeepCleanFabricCouch

Getting your couch professionally cleaned is not difficult when you find a good company with experience. A good company will not only use the right cleaning products and methods, but they will also protect your furniture from nasty allergens. Cleaning upholstery is hard to do on your own but hiring a professional upholstery cleaner for a good, deep clean sofa service should be the way to get rid of stains, pet hair, oils, and dirt from deep down in the upholstery. A professional deep clean service can do more than just clean your couch - they can give your home a new and fresh look! That is why PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning offers deep clean sofa service and Scotchgard couch service. We only use a natural couch cleaner so rest assured that it won't damage the furniture fabric. Contact our Gramercy Manhattan location to learn more. We serve Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, Park Slope, and beyond! ⠀ #GettingYourCouchProfessionallyCleaned⠀ #CleaningUpholstery⠀ #DeepCleanSofaService⠀ #ScotchgardCouchService⠀ #NaturalCouchCleaner

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