Trucks can get a lot of daily abuse, whether they are used personally for home projects or commerically for your business. They can be used by employees who don't care about the truck as much as the business owner does and consequently, they can become trashed. Not to worry as Stuey's is here to save the day. We are a mobile detail service so we can do the work right in your company's parking lot. Whether it is interior detailing, hazy headlights, or a dull finish, we have the solutino for you!

Mobile Auto Detailing

We are a mobile auto detailier, meaning that you don't have to worry about bringing your fleet to us, one by one to clean and detail. We know that having the van or truck looking good is important for business so we designed our business model so that we come and perform the work on your site, so you can save your time! Whether you are looking for a wash and polish or a deep interior detailing, you will be amazed at what we can do right outside your doorstep. You won't use anyone else after using Stuye's!

Car Seat Cleaning and Shampoo

The car seat is the most used part of the interior of the car and because of this, it gets dirty quickly. From food, to drink spills, to grease from workers' fingers, it takes it all. It's important to keep the seats of your truck clean so that they can be used for the longest period of time and also to ensure that employees feel they are working in a clean environment. OUr seat cleaning and shampooig services deep clean the leather or fabric seats using professional upholstery cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Interior Auto Detailing

Over time, yout van or truck's car seats will become very dirty from your employees eating or drinking while driving around. Although customers may not see the inside of the truck, its important to keep it clean to preserve the truck's resale value and longevity of the seats and interior. We offer mobile interior detailing services so you don't have to drive to a detailer to get it cleaned. We use professional uphosltery cleaning tools and chemicals that can remove all the stubborn stains, spills, and grease marks from the inside of your truck. We clean the seats, mats, trunk, headliner, carpet, dashboard, and trim. We have it all covered!

Car Polish and Wax

Preserving the exterior of the car is essential for the longevity of the apint, and also to ensure your truck looks good for business. Over time, if paint is not kept up, it can fade, and develop cracks or rust, lowering the value of the vehicle. Furthermore, headlights can become hazy and foggy from oxidation and road debris. Trucks hit the road more than any other vehicle so its important to maintain them as best you can. Hire us to come polish and wax your car, protecting the paint for future corrosian. We use professional tools and techniques to eliminate and scratches that arose and also protect the paint with a ceramic or hard-shell wax. This will act as a barrier between the elements and the finish.

Deep Car Cleaning

Every so often, yout truck needs a deep car cleaning to ensure the interior remains clean, and also the exterior doesn't develop caked dirt, grime, and grease which may beomce hard to remove as time passes. Treat yout truck to a deep car clean which will revitalize the interior of your truck, whether you have fabric or leather seats. Protect the finish of your car with a polish and wax to revitalize the paint and protect the finish from the elements. The best way to ensure the longevity of your vehicle is to give it a deep car clean at least once a year

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