Paint Correction

We love to have everything neat and clean, including our car's paint. But sometimes, through daily wear and tear and inconsiderate neighbors who scratch and bump your parked car, scratches happen. It's not the end of the world! At Stuey's, we use professional processes and products to perform paint correction to eliminate the scratches to bring the paint back to new life!

Mobile Auto Detailing

We offer mobile auto detailing which means that you don't have to move from the comfort of your couch to get professional results on your car! We perform expert paint correction on your vehicle, using proven processes and products to first wash the car, remove any abrasions embedded in the paint, then perform paint correction through compounding and polishing, then we always finish up with a wax to seal in those great results.

Car Polish and Wax

The polishing process is essential to paint correction. When we polish a car to remove scratches, we use a liquid abrasive and remove a very small portion of the finish. This is done by hand or by buffer. If the scratch is deep, we first use a compound which is a more gritty abrasive which will remove more finish. This is followed by a finer abrasive polish to bring out the car's shine. After the polishing process, we wax the car with a carnuba wax either sprayed or applied with a paste. We also offer ceramic coating in replacement of wax. Ceramic coating also protects the paint, and is known to last longer than wax while offering even better hydrophonic properties. Whatever you need, we can do it at Stuey's!

We offer a variety of mobile auto detailing services...

  • Car Paint Polish
  • Car Polishing Service
  • Torque Car Wax
  • Car Paint Restoration
  • Paint Detailing
  • Auto Paint Correction
  • Car Buffer, Car Polish, Car Wax
  • Hand Wax Car
  • High End Car Detailing
  • Car Wash Polish

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