For most of us, the car is our second home and to bring it back to life, we need auto interior detailing. We use it to transport us to work, move around the kids, and bring the family and pets to the park! But during travel, the car is subjected to spills and general wear and tear from food stains, drink spills (like spilt milk), pet accidents, and dirt and dust from the outside coming in. This can leave a dirty, unpleasant appearance to your fabric or leather seats. At Stuey's, we we professional upholstery cleaning tools and chemicals to bring your interior back to life! If you are looking for car seat cleaning, car mat cleaning, plastics cleaning, trunk cleaning, headliner cleaning and more, we have your covered!

Car Seat Cleaning and Shampoo

Whether you have leather seats or fabric seats, we can bring your upholstery back to new life! We know that accidents can happen and stains occur from just daily use. That's why we have developed special processes to properly care for fabric car seats and leather car seats. For fabric, we use professional upholstery cleaning machines to perform hot water extraction, using only non-toxic EPA certified products to ensure the safety of your family and pets. For leather, we use also non-toxic cleaners, conditioners, and brushes to softly agitate the leather to bring up any settled dirt, so your seats will be free of body oils and dirt. Whatever the case may be, we offer top-of-the-line car seat shampoos which will leave you shocked at how clean your car looks!

Carpet and Mat Cleaning

The carpets and mats often take the most abuse in the car. Over time they can get filled with dirt, grime, grease, and more from just daily regular use. Not to worry! At Stuey's, we use professional upholstery and carpet cleaning machines to properly clean and rinse the mats and carpet. We don't use the backyard approach with carpet cleaner in a can! We clean the fabric from top to bottom, so you can be assured that your mats and carpets and totally clean, not just hiding the dirt. We also use only non-toxic products that are certifeid by the EPA to ensure they are safe for your family!

Plastic and Trim Cleaning

Over time, the trim and plastics in your car can become faded and dry. Over years of the sun beating down it them with its UV rays, this is expected. They need to be revitalized! At Stuey's, we use a specialized procedure to both clean and restore trim and plastics. No more looking at a faded dashboard. It will be vibrant, shiny, and clean after our work!

Trunk Cleaning

The trunk is part of the car we often forget about, but it can take the most abuse as it carries all our luggage and belongings throughout the day. Its important to keep the trunk carpet clean as it can accumulate dirt, grim, and grease over years of use. At Stuey's, we use professional upholstery and carpet cleaning machines to agitate and clean deep into the fibers of the carpet, bringing up any compacted dirt and grime. After our work, you will want to sleep in the trunk it will look so clean!

Headliner Cleaning

The headlienr is the part of the car that car owners don't know what to do with. Can you clean it? How? Will it make the fabric sag if I try? Don't risk it! Call Stuey's! We use professional procedures, chemicals, and equipment to properly and effectively clean the headliner of your car so you don't have to see those head oil and hand oil marks anymore!

Interior Glass Cleaning

When completing the interior auto detail, we cannot forget about cleaning the interior glass. Sometimes we smoke or vape in the car or our children touch the glass with their greasy fingers. Whatever the case, the interior glass needs care. At Stuey's, we professionally and safetly clean all interior glass so you can see the outside crystal clear with no heze. It will enhance your driving experience immensely and guests will be impressed how new your car feels!

Odor Removal

Sometimes the car might look clean, but there is a strange odor lingering. Or the car might be dirty causing the odor! Or most likely there was an accident of some kind which left that stinky smell. Whatever the case, Stuey's has your back! We use professional odor removal products and procedures which eliminate the odors molecules so the smell does not come back. We do not mask smells! Best of all, the products we use to eliminate the odors are non-toxic and EPA certified as "Safer Choice" so you can be assured your car will remain safe for your family after the cleaning. !

Call Stuey's now to learn more about how we can restore your auto interior, leaving it clean, deodorized and sanitized! We are not only the best upholstery cleaning service and carpet steam cleaner but also your choice for professional auto interior detailing.

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