We all spend a lot of time in our cars bringing our family and pets around and after a while, the seats being to look a little dingy. From dropped food, spilled drinks, and just general dirty and grime, the seats of our cars get a lot of abuse. That's why its important periodically to get a car seat cleaning and shampoo to bring cleanliness back to your vehicle and ensure the longevity of your car's fabric.

Spilled Food and Drink

Because we spend so much time in our cars, we inevitably eat in them too. This can cause the seats to accumulate crumbs, food stains, and spills from drinks. Sometimes we also transport our children or grandchildren and they love to spill their milk, causing an unsightly stain that often leaves a smell. When this happens, call Stuey's! We use professional upholstery cleaning equipment and certified non-toxic products to deep clean and shampoo your car's seats. No more stains, no more smell, so fresh and so clean!

Pet Stains and Odors

Our pets are our family and they have a seat in the car too! But sometimes Fido doesn't feel too well or makes and accident and now the whole car smells and the seat is stained. Don't worry, call us! We have the right tools and chemicals to clean up any accident whether it be cat or dog urine, vomit, or any other mess that might happen.

Leather or Fabric Seats

No matter what kind of seats your car has, we've got your covered. For fabric seats, we use professional upholstery cleaning equipment and chemicals to bring up all types of set-in stains from milk stains, food stains, soda stains, pet accidents, and more. For leather, we use a professional process to gently agitate and clean the leather whether it be performated or solid. We also condition the leather if necessary to ensure it does not crack and to extend its life. You will be impressed with our service!

Contact Stuey's Auto Detailing today to get a free and quick quote on your car seat cleaning. We have your back for all your car seat shampooing needs!

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