The car is our second home. We use it to transport our children, our family, and use it for work. Over time it gets dirty and a car deep cleaning is required! From the inside to the out, after some time, your car needs to be pampered and everything deep cleaned. For interior, we perofrm carpet and car seat cleaning and shampoo. For exterior, we perform wax, polish, and wax. Call us to schedule your car deep cleaning!

Mobile Auto Detailing

We are a mobile auto detailier, meaning you don't have to leave the comfort of your home for us to perform a deep car cleaning. We perform both interior and exterior detailing services that will revitalize your car and bring it back to like-new! For interior services, we offer carpet, mat, trunk, headliner, plastics, dashboard, wheel, and car seat cleaning and shampoo. Whether you have fabric or leather seats, we have the products, process, and equipment to bring you professional top-of-the-line results. For exterior auto detailing, we offer wash, polish, and wax either by hand or with a buffer. We prop the surface with a clay bar to ensure no scratches are made and we buff your finish to a mirror-shine! We have you covered at Stuey's!

Interior Auto Detailing

We offer professional interior auto detailing services which deep clean your car's interior. For the fabrics, we use professional upholstery cleaning equipment and chemicals whch are certifeid by the US EPA as part of their "Safer Choice" program, so you can be assured that the cleaning will be safe for you and your family. For leather we use also a non-toxic cleanser with soft bristle brushes to gently agitate the dirt out of the leather, bringing your seats to clean new look. For plastics, we both detail them and condition them so increase their aesthetic look and ensure they do not dry and crack. We have you covered from all angles at Stuey's!

Car Seat Cleaning and Shampoo

The seats in the car get the most abuse from passengers, whether it be drink spills, food droppings, accidents from the children and pets, and more. Over time, the seats begin to look unsightly. Let Stuey's bring them back to new life! We use professional upholstery cleaning tools and equipment to lift up any dirt and stains. We also use specialized deodorizeers to eliminate all smelly substances. We do not mask odors so smells won't come back! We also use only non-toxic and EPA certified products so you can be assured that your vehicle will be safe for you, your family, and pets after the cleaning

Call Stuey's today to learn what packages we offer for car deep cleaning whether its car seat cleaning, mobile detailing, car and auto spa, hand car wash, and more!

We offer a variety of rug and furniture cleaning services...

  • Full Car Detaile
  • Best Auto Detailing
  • Car Paint Correction
  • Car Wash Inside and Out
  • Car Shampooing
  • Steam Clean Car Interior
  • Interior and Exterior Car Wash
  • Deep Cleaning Car Service
  • Tar Removal From Car
  • Car Washing Home Service

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